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International sales manager                     Total:1

1.Having rich knowledge in international trade, enterprise management, Marketing or relevant specialty.Good command of spoken english,CET-6 preffered.

2.Having strong ability in market survey and plan (to overseas market)

3.Be capable to explore new customer base and establish a long-term business relationship with old clients. Good technical knowledge in marketing and negotiation.

4.Good people management and communication skills.Ability to deal with personnel at all levelseffectively.

5.Being active, creative and innonative is a plus.

Domestic sales managermanager

1.Academy degree or above, at least 3 years work experience in teamwork management.

2.Familiar with IC and electronic components market.

3.Having abundance experience in marketing development.

4.Strong commercial negotiation skills and communication skills 5.Strong Team cooperation spirit.

Domestic sales

1.Technical secondary school graduate or above, major in electron or marketing perferred.

2.Minimum 1 year work experience in sales IC and electronic components.

3.Strong language skills and interpersonal skills.

4.Can skilled operate the computer,work well under stress or pressure.

5.Strong Team cooperation spirit, better Strain capacity , estimate ability and sensitive to market.

6.Having steady relationship with old clients preferred.

Internationa sales

1.Have one year experience of IC international trade.Know well the process of international trade.

2.Must pass CET 4 at least,good at listening,speaking,writing.

3.Earnest, celerity,can face pressure from the job.Get well with other colleagues.

4.Be proficient in WORDEXCEL.

5.Have immobile customers will be preference.

Domestic purchaser

1.Know well about the IC market,have outstanding of purchasing and inquiring is priority.

2.Must have 1 year experience,good at negotiation.

3.Be proficient in WORDEXCEL

4.Get well with other colleagues, staidness,can give the informations to the sales timely.

International purchaser

1.Have one year experience of International purchaser,know much well about the international trade process.

2.Must have pass CET 4 at least,good at listening,speaking,writing.

3.Get well with others colleagues, active, earnest, assiduity,can contact with the sales timely.

4.Good at computer and can use the source of internet .

5.Can meet an emergency and good at analyse the situation of market.

IC Quality Manager Engineer

1.Academy degree of electron or relevant major, at least 2 years working experience in quality management, exploit and produce IC products.

2.Having abundance experience in analyse FAE,QA and relevant quality question.

3.Having rich knowledge in product development,product periodicity development,testing method and quality guarantee.

4.Good technical knowledge in product analysing and designing.

5.Be capable to resolve the matters and management.

6.Be familiar with quality management of suppliers

7.Be familiar with IC customer’s authentication and inspection methods in choosing supplier.

8.Having strong sense of responsibility, organization ability and communication ability.