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strategic goals:
With solid financial strength and good reputation, we have a lot of stock, and stable supply channels, and well-known domestic enterprises, Europe, Korea and other places have established a good partnership, the company adhere to a first-class enterprise high standards and strict requirements. Components Co., Ltd. Teng source strive to eventually become the world's best electronic distributor of one of the development objectives and create value for employees, customers, society and achieve win-win.

management philosophy:
Create a learning organization, learning organization is the premise of continuous innovation, the creation of a learning organization is a key source of Proton commission competitiveness.
Create unity, friendship and mutual assistance team
Create a harmonious working atmosphere, and actively encourage employees to participate in healthy competition, encourage each other, and common progress.

Business philosophy:
Honesty: the credibility of a business is the source of life, the basic norms Teng source of long-term goal.
Profession: professional, have excellent. Teng is a professional source for customers to create more wealth pillar.
Innovation: in a highly competitive environment, innovation is the only way out of jeopardy, Teng is the fundamental source of long-term development.
Win: the basic conditions for survival of the company is to have a good social environment and sufficient customer relationships. Community satisfaction, so that customers benefit, so that enterprise development is the largest source of Proton's business objectives.